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Gackt & Matsuda Seiko Talk on Pop Jam

The host, the KinKi Kids guy, introduces the girl (no idea who she is) and Gackt.

KK: (to girl) I understand that you've had some things that have been bothering you lately. So you decided to ask Gackt, a man who lives his life GORGEOUSLY (LOL) and with pleasure, for advice. (Girl: Yes!) And so today's topic is...?

Girl: "Oshiete, Gakuto." / "Tell me/teach me, Gackt."

Gackt: I'll try my best.

KK: Ok, let's ask Gackt! So, this is a dog. (picks up the stuffed dog) I understand you bought a dog, right?

Girl: That's right. At the beginning of the year, I bought a puppy. ^^ I named her "Bibi-chan."

KK: Bibi-chan?

Girl: Yes, it's very cute.

Other girl: Why'd you name her Bibi?

Girl: When I went to the petstore, there were a lot of dogs, but this one was very lively/vivid. ("bibiddo", hence how she got "bibi.")

KK: Ah, so it was lively, I see.

Girl: Yes, that's right.

KK: I seeee. Speaking of dogs, you have one too, don't you Gackt?

Gackt: Yes.

KK: I heard that you named him unusually but...

Gackt: "Bell Constantine Chappy."


KK: Uhh...could you say that again? ^^;

Gackt: "Bell Constantine Chappy."

KK: Why'd you pick such a strange name?

Gackt: Why did I, I wonder? I don't really know. ^^ When I first saw it, I thought: "Ah!! That's Bell Constantine Chappy!"

*everyone laughs*

KK: At the very moment you saw it? *laughing*

Gackt: At that very moment.

KK: Wow, that's so cool. ^^ I guess this happens a lot -- "Ahhhh, Bell-chan, Bell-chan, Bell-chan!" (does that weird thing with the stuffed dog) Does that happen?

Gackt: Well, I have to leave my dog at home all the time.

KK: Oh, really? That must be lonely for him.

Gackt: Uh huh..and so when I go home, I say "Wait. Wait a minute." and it doesn't leap up on me.

KK: Ahh, it must be lonely...

Girl: So, when it starts to move, you say "Wait." and it stops?

Gackt: Well, when it starts to move, I move the dog back, and say "Wait."

KK: So you keep repeating this?

Gackt: Yes. And when it does, I tell it that it's a good dog. ^^ "Wait."

KK: Ahhh, you're strict, Gackt-san!

Other girl: So it can't get close to you at all?

Gackt: Well, when it does, it's always like "haaa..haaaa" (imitates the panting of a dog), and that's not a nice feeling, and also it drools. ^^; So that's why I don't let it run in the house.

KK: That's pretty strict, isn't it...*takes the dog again* "Ahhh, I understand Gackt-san, I understand!" (imitating the dog) That's how Gackt seems to be, right?

KK: (to girl) Your dog can't remember commands yet, can it?

Girl: No, it's always like "haahaahaahaa" (imitating dog)

KK: Moving had a question about handling (a car)?

Girl: Yes...I don't have a car, but I really want one. But I haven't bought one yet.

KK: I heard that you liked cars, Gackt...

Gackt: car is my girlfriend, so......*hahaha, then there's screams of rage from the audience. ^^ soooo funny*

KK: Your car is your girlfriend.

Other girl: How is your car your girlfriend?

Gackt: It's selfish, isn't it? (^^;;) It requires my money and all of my concentration and time...

KK: I seeeee.

Gackt: Right? ^^

KK: Just like a girl...

Girl: So when you uhh, drive your "girlfriend"...uhhhh...*laughs*

Gackt: Well, I like to relax when driving. So I use my legs to drive.

KK: Isn't that dangerous??

Gackt: My right leg is for the brakes and gas. My left leg does the steering.

KK: Your left leg does the steering?? *demonstrates* I don't think I'd like to try that any time seems dangerous. ^^; (to girl) So how was Gackt's advice?

Girl: seems a little hard to follow. ^^

KK: I see, I see. (to audience) This was "Oshiete Gackt."

Other Girl: Thank you, Gackt. *gackt leaves*

~Many thanx to my friend Mina for letting me post her translation to the interview here. The screen caps were made by me. Do not use them without permission. Thank You.~

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