Name: Camui Gackt

Birthday: July 4, 1540

Age: 400+ (rumored to be really around 27)

Birthplace: Okinawa

Hometown: Kyoto

Height: 180 cm.

Weight: 60 Kg.

Blood type: A

Likes: Scent Candles, wine "Gabidy Gabi red wine", driving, dating, martial arts, skiing, billiard, Platinum Egoiste fragrance by Chanel, Yoshida Miwa of 'Dreams Come True', Anime artist Yoshida Akimi "Banana Fish". His cat named "May", and his dog, a miniature dachshund, named "Bell Constantin Chappy". He loves nightscapes, nightviews and the country. Doesn't really like the city or sweets.

Favorite Foods: Tea, Spaguetti, Vegetable juice, Kimchi (Korean), egg salad.

Gackt is former vocalist of popular visual rock group Malice Mizer. He left the band for a solo carrer.

Gackt's Mom is a piano teacher so he started to learn piano at the very young age of 3. His mom made him practice 1 to 2 hours every single day. His father is in the music business. Gackt comes from very strict parents. He was only allowed to watch educational TV programs and listen to Classical music. The only music Gackt was familiar with in his younth was classical music, (his favorite composers include Bach, Ravel, and Debussy). The other instruments Gackt plays include, the guitar, bass, tuba, euphonium, trumpet, horn, trombone, drum, percussion, violin. He writes and composes his own music and originally wanted to be a conductor. A very competetive and curious person.

Gackt's Albums
1. Mizérable 1. Ares 1. 4th...
2. Story 2. Asrun Dream 2. Secret Garden
3. Leeca 3. emu ~for my dear 3. Maria
4. Lapis ~Prologue~ 4. U+K 4. uncontrol
5. Vanilla(MARS Ver.) 5. seki-ray (Rebirth version)
6. freesia ~op.1~ 6. Kalmia
7. freesia ~op.2~ 7. Sayonara
8. Illness Illusion 8. Marmalade
9. Mirror(MARS Ver.) 9. Papa lapped a pap lopped
10. dears 10. seven
11. OASIS(MARS Ver.) 11. kimi no tame ni dekiru koto
12. kono daremo inai heya de

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