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Real Name : Teruhiko Kobashi

Position on Glay : Vocal

Birthday : June, 8 1971

Hometown : Hakodate , Hokkaido

Starsign : Gemini

BloodType : O

Family : Parents, 2 sisters. Teru is divorced and he has two kids, a boy and a girl.

Interests: Drawing, Computers, Driving, Karaoke, and Traveling.

Teru is Glay's Glorious Vocalist! It's hard to believe he was Glay's drummer at the beginning. He says he's short-tempered but has a warm heart.

Teru's Fave Musicians: U2, The Wonderstuff, Enya, GLAY

Flame's Opinion on Teru: Teru is Flame's favorite member. Why? I just adore his voice and the way he puts all his emotions on the songs he sings! Teru has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard and Glay couldn't be the same without him! On stage he can be energetic, very emotional, and even funny. He's known to be the most outspoken member when it comes to interviews, probably because he's the face of Glay. Seems like a very friendly and kind person. He can be very positive, but also very carefree. Teru is a very talented artist and draws very well.

Favorite Teru "Quotes": "I thank God who gave (me) this voice." , "People tell me I'm funnier when I'm not planning a joke." "I wish to make the world a place where I can sing only pleasant things. It's said that music can cross frontiers, but I often think about living in a world where music is not necessary to cross frontiers." 5/1

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