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Real Name : Takuro Kubo

Position on Glay: Guitar, Writer, Composer

Birthday : May, 26 1971

Hometown : Hakodate , Hokkaido

Starsign : Gemini

BloodType : O

Family : His mother, and an older sister.

Interests: Writing songs and composing music for Glay. The Beattles and John Lennon. Fishing, traveling, getting letters from his fans and the internet.

Takuro is Glay's founder and leader. A very talented writer and composer! Takuro writes the beautiful lyrics to Glay's songs!

Favorite Musicians: The Beattles, Sakuma Masahide, D.I.E., and Toshi(Nagai)

Flame's Opinion on Takuro: I respect and admire Takuro for writing the beautiful words to my favorite Glay songs and composing them. I think Takuro is a deep person and has a beautiful heart... you need sensitivity and a "pure soul" to write words like that. He's the heart behind Glay and without him there would be no Glay. Thank You Takuro!

Favorite Takuro "Quotes"

Takuro when asked by Teru why he calls him at midnight..."Probably a Glay fan will understand. You just get an urge to hear Teru's voice at midnight." -hee-hee!

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