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1. Speed Pop (Introduction)
2. Happy Swing
3. Kanojo no "Modern..."
4. Zutto Futari de...
5. Love Slave
6. Regret
7. Innocence
8. Freeze My Love
9. Manatsu no Tobira
10. Life ~Toi Sora no Shita de
11. Junk Art
12. Rain

Flame's personal review on SPEED POP.

Speed Pop is Glay's 2nd production. It was released March 1st 1995, and is probably one of my favorite Glay albums. But then again, I will probably be saying the same about almost every Glay CD.

1.Speed Pop- is a great introduction song to this album! Teru does a little of what sounds like raping on this short song and he sounds great. I really dislike rap.

2.Happy Swing- A very upbeat happy song. I really didn't like this song much when I first listened to it, but I especially like the chorus part now. Every time I listen to this song I remember the guy's first performance on the Expo 99 video concert, with a sincere smile on their faces and their hair blowing on the wind.

3.Kanojo no "Modern..."- There's a word, phrase Teru murmurs singing on this fave part! This song is full of energy and it gives me a feeling of how Glay must had sound live when first starting out on their indies days.

4.Zutto Futari de... -Lovely, lovely song! Love the emotions Teru puts into the words on this song! One of my top favorite Glay ballads. Makes me melancholy (in the good sense). "You are my everything...", who wouldn't like to listen to these words from someone, especially from Teru? ^_~

5.Love Slave- These are the type of songs I rather listen to Glay perform live. Again, why does 'rap' sounds better when Teru is doing it...? -hee-hee!

6.Regret- ??? Need to listen to this song again for a proper opinion.

7.Innocense- Love this song, especially the chorus at the end, and again the emotions Teru puts into the words. Love the guitar solos on this song!

8.Freeze my Love- Great song! Love the opening music.

9.Manatsu no Tobira- First time I listened to this song I went...Wow!! Takuro liked 80's New Wave! Lots of Synthezisers used on this song! This is the type of music I was used to listening before getting into J-rock and Glay. The sound is very, very early 80s British music! Flock of Seaguls! Love it!

10.Life ~Toi Sora no Shita de- Songs #10 and #11 are my least favorite songs on this album.

11.Junk Art- Not one of my faves, but I got to listen to these two songs more for a proper opinion.

12.Rain- I adore this song! This is the only Glay song that's not completely composed and written by Takuro or any of the other members, but by Yoshiki (X-Japan). This is also the song that introduced Glay to Japan and their first big hit. I love everything about this song, especially listening to Teru's English lines.