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1. You May Dream
2. Biribiri Kuratsushu Men
3. May Fair
4. Soul Love
5. Dedatte Shimatta Futari
6. Pure Soul
7. Yuuwaku
8. Come On!
9. Fried Chicken & Beer
10. 3 Nen Go
11. I'm In Love

Flame's Review on PURE SOUL.

Pure Soul, released July 29, 1998, is a great album. Only thing I don't like about this album is that it's only 11 songs long.

1.You may Dream- I got to know the live version of this song before getting 'Pure Soul'. I especially love Hisashi's guitar solo on this song! Very cool!

2.Biribiri Kuratsushu Men- Another song I got to listen live before getting this CD. Like this song both live and on the album. Hisashi's guitar is sugoii on this song! A groovy song!

3.May Fair- Pretty song!

4.Soul Love- A favorite of mine! A very upbeat and happy song. Can't help thinking of all the fun the guys have on the PV...hee-hee!

5.Dedatte Shimatta Futari- This is a very nice song, with a nice swing to it.

6.Pure Soul- Another Glay classic! What can I say about it... I love Takuro's back up singing and the emotions Teru puts into it. Teru really gets into these types of can tell he's really feeling the words he's singing.

7.Yuuwaku- This song reminds me of Glay's early sound. Very fast but melodic and upbeat at the same time. "I don't know how to love, don't ask me why..." The guitar is very cool on this song. I like this song a lot!

8.Come on!- This is a fun song to see performed live in concert, but I don't really care to listen to the album version. A lot of screeming. (Funny how I even like how Teru screams! -hee-hee!)It is kinda a short song on the album though.

9.Fried Chicken & Beer- Another song I rather listen to on a video concert than when listening to this CD. It's kind of a sexy song though, at least the 'Ooooh' sounds Teru makes singing at the end, especially when performing the song live.

10.3 Nen Go- This is a nice song but I didn't like it that much at the beginning, mainly because of the music, but it does picks up and you end up liking it a lot.

11.I'm in Love- I really didn't like this song much at the beginning, it reminded me too much of Beattles music. You can really hear John Lennon's influence on Takuro on this song. But more than a nice song, it's a piece of music Glay created to celebrate their love for their fans and say "Thank you for your love..." It's always touching seeing it performed live and how it brings tears to everyone.