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Flame's J-Rock Video Collection for trading
Artist Title Quality Notes
GacktMars 'Visitor from the Sky' BConcert
GacktPVs (music videos) B-Mizerable...
GacktMaking of Mizerable & VanillaA-Includes backstage footage & Vanilla night version.
GacktUTABANB-Funny Gackt interview(got translation) & live TV performance.
GacktMusic StationB-TV interview & live performance.
GacktInterview/photo shoot BRare BW interview & photo shoot
GlayVideo Glay 1BRain,Manatsu No Tobira,Kanojo no "Modern...",Freeze My Love,Innocense
GlayVideo Glay 2 BMore than Love,Yes Summerdays,Glorious,Ikiteku Tsuyosa,Zutto Futari De...
GlayVideo Glay 3 BYes, Summerdays,Together,Beloved,A Boy~Zutto Wasurenai~,Kuchibiru,Rhapsody,Haru Wo Ai Suru Hito
GlayVideo Glay 4 BYuuwaku,Soul Love,Be With You ,Winter again,Kokodewa nai dokoka e,Happiness,Heavy Gauge,Winter again
GlayHit The World 97 BConcert with backstage footage!
GlaySummer of 98 'Pure Soul in Stadium' BConcert with backstage footage!
GlayGlay 'Pure Soul' Tour 98 CSexy Teru!
GlayDome Tour 'Pure Soul' Live in Big Egg 99 BConcert with backstage footage!
GlayExpo 99 Survival: Live in Makuhan BHuge live event!
GlayExpo 99 Survival: Pure Soul (Backstage) BDocumentary with interviews and backstage footage!
GlayGLAY UNPLUGGED A-Glay Unplugged (event produced by Jiro)
GlayMugen Na Deja Vu BConcert/Documentary
GlayMusic Station TV B-2 different TV interviews & live performances "Heavy Gauge", "Survival" (includes TDK commercial)
GlayGlobal Communication BLive TV performance, interview, and PV!
GlayPaPaPa Puffy (Guest: Glay) B-TV performance, interview, fun!
GlayLove Love Aishiteru (Guest: Glay) B-Glay TV performances!
GlayMore TV Performances/Interviews B-Including Utaban, PoP Jam, more Music Station...
L'Arc~en~CielA Piece of Reincarnation BPV Collection
L'Arc~en~CielChronicle BPV Collection
L'Arc~en~CielGrand Cross Conclusion BLive Concert
LareineChantons L'Amour AConcert (Tour "Metamorphose" Final)
LareineFilm Tracks PV Collection AFuyo Tokyo PV/Making
Luna SeaMusic Station TV BInterview & live performance "Tonight"
Various ArtistsMusic Station Live 99 CTV Christmas special. Includes 'Happiness' & 'Survival' by Glay, L'arc~en~ciel, Aikawa Nanase, Kinki Kids, and many other performers!
Weiß KreuzGlühen Tour B-Lice Concert
YoshikiMusic Enta - LA Interview BInterview with Matsuda Seiko at his L.A home!
X-JapanBlue Blood 1989 C-Early X-Japan concert. Visual era.
X-JapanX-Japan Visual Shock 2 CConcert footage/PVs
X-JapanX-Japan Last Live! C-TV Version

WANT to Trade or Buy: Any Glay videos I don't have, especially clips from Indies days and recent interviews/performances! Any videos I don't have from bands on my list. J-rock magazines, articles, pictures... with Glay, Gackt, Yoshiki. I can make J-Rock/Anime T-shirts for trading.

E-Mail Mari "Flame" for questions & trading

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Special Thanks to Chris-chan for trading with me! Most of my J-rock collection is thanks to her!