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Real Name : Hisashi Tonomura

Position on Glay : Guitar

Birthday : February, 2 1972

Hometown : Hakodate , Hokkaido

Starsign : Aquarius

BloodType : O

Family : Hisashi's family is composed of his mother and an elder brother and he is currently married.

Interests: MAC Computers, Hisashi is an Internet junkie, Firearms, Platinum-Silver items like rings, hats, antiques, making models...

Hisashi's Favorite Musicians: Kanako Nakayama, Andy Partridge, Trent Reznor, Guns 'n Roses

Hisashi is Glay's super talented lead guitarist. Before joining Glay he had a punk band named "Ari" (which means "ant").

Flame's Opinion on Hisashi: Hisashi is Glay's mysterious flamboyan guitarist. He looks goth and dark and yet, he acts all happy and active on stage, even though he's the most quiet member. Off stage he seems like a normal sweet guy. Him and Jiro still go for the "visual" image Glay had when they first started. Love his cool outfits! Great guitarist!

Favorite Hisashi "Quotes": "I feel warm after I read letters from our fans", "I am a person who gets deeply involved in anything", "I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to seeing myself in the future. I wish I could say better and maybe better-looking..."

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