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1. Heavy Gauge
2. Fatsounds
3. Survival
4. Kokodewanai, Dokoka e
5. Happiness
6. Summer FM
7. Level Devil
8. Be With You
9. Winter, Again
10. Will Be King
11. Ikigai
12. Savile Row

Flame's personal review on HEAVY GAUGE.

Heavy Gauge, released Oct 28, 1999, is one of my top favorite Glay albums. It is tied on second place with 'Speed Pop'. Beloved being my favorite album at the moment..

1.Heavy Gauge- is a fantastic song! I wasn't crazy about it the first times I listened to it because it reminded me of a James Bomb theme song, but it's a cool mysterious sounding song and I love the variety of instruments used, especially the violins! Nice vocals!

2.Fatsounds- Fun loud song I like listening live better.

3.Survival- The first time I listened to this song was as the opening theme to the anime 'Kaikan Phrase' and I liked it from the beginning. Didn't even know it was performed by Glay, but then again, I wasn't familiar with Glay at the moment. The album version seems faster but I like them both.

4.Kokodewanai, Dokoka e- This is the song that started it all with me! First Glay song I ever listened to and the one that made me fall in love with their sound and Teru's powerful voice. I never get tired of listening to this song. I love the back up chorus and everything about it!

5.Happiness- Gorgeous song! Love listening to Teru sing his English lines on this song!

6.Summer FM- Another favorite song! This song puts me on a relaxing happy mood every time I listen to it. The perfect song to listen to in your car when you're cruising around on a Summer day. Love listening to this song with the earphones on to listen to the parts where Teru's voice seems to get close to you, like he's there with you. Very nice!

7.Level Devil- Has a long interesting introduction.'s an okay song, but not a favorite.

8.Be With You- What a beautiful song! Another top favorite Glay song! Love the piano on this song, love everything about it, the mood it puts me on.... everything!

9.Winter Again- A very popular song with Glay fans and also a great, great song! One of the songs I would recommend to someone who's not familiar with Glay's music but is interested on learning about their sound.

10.Will be King- Very nice! I especially like Teru's voice on this song and the way he lowers his vocals to almost sound like he's singing a sweet lullaby.

11.Ikigai- I didn't care much about this song at the beginning, but it's so unfair to say I don't like this one because it is a good song.

12.Seville Row- Teru's vocals are sweet on this song. Not a favorite Glay song, but the more I listen to it the more I like it. The guitar on this song reminds me of 'country music'.