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The words on the screen:

"Please try and be quiet. This talk is QUITE interesting!"

Introducing guests: Nakai talks about "the guest who fits this kind of lighting....of course, that's Gackt."


Taka: So, why do you like this kind of light?

Gackt: the poor ...

Taka: So it gives you an excuse to wear flashy clothes?? *everyone laughs*

Nakai: But really, why did you request this lighting?

Gackt: ...Hade ga suki ka na ^^ - Because I like being flashy, I guess...^^

::somehow jumps to asking about food for a bit, I think, and then to::

Nakai: So in your free time you...?

Gackt: I'm always at home.

Nakai: What do you do at home?

Gackt: I smoke a cigarette..

Nakai: Smoke a cigarette...

Gackt: Drink sake..

Nakai: Drink sake....

Gackt: Watch a movie....

Nakai: Watch a movie....

Gackt:.....that's about it. *everyone laughs*

Taka: What kind of movie?

Nakai: Yeah, recently what movie have you seen?

Gackt: The Green Mile.

Taka: That's...surprisingly normal! *everyone laughs*

Gackt: On that day, I got a stomachache, actually.

Nakai: A stomachache? Really?

Gackt: It was when I was sleeping, yes.

Nakai: What do you think it was from?

Gackt: I think it was probably food poisoning. *everyone laughs*...Probably from the mushrooms. (This goes back with something gackt said about not liking them, when nakai was asking him about food ^^)

Taka: (reading paper) So, it says that you make your own meals, and when you do, it takes as much as 4 days...What's with this "4 days"??!

Gackt: Well, I have to go shopping.

Nakai: Soooo where do you go shop?

Gackt: a supermarket....

Nakai: Uhhhh....what's the name of the supermarket?

Gackt: Well, I go to a lot but...

Nakai: Yes, but the one you go to often is...?

::here gackt says "marushou", that I think is just another general name for a type of supermarket, which is why everyone laughs, because he's not really telling anything, and it's a place where you wouldn't expect rock stars to go to ^^;;::

Nakai: But you're not the sort of person to go to a marushou, Gackt-san!

Gackt: No no, I really like can go up and down the stairs and stuff ^^ *laughs* And also, you know how the meat is left out on the table? Well, I make curry a lot, you I don't get the meat that's all laid out....I like looking for the meat that's hidden. You know this kind of door? *makes motions*

Nakai and Taka: Yeah yeah *makes motions too LOL!* The one that goes like "brrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

Gackt: Yeah! *they all make the brrrrrrrrrrrr sound...ROFL one of my favorite parts ^^;;*

Gackt: Well I go through the doors, and ask "Is there any meat in here?"

Nakai: So you go in and ask--

Gackt: "Any hidden meat?" *deadpan, while everyone laughs. hahaha i LOVE his deadpan when he says "hidden meat?"* And they do have it. For example, "butabara burokku." (what gackt says is a combination he makes out of 3 words. "buta," which is pig, "bara," which I BELIEVE means rose in this case, so like, rose-colored, and "burokku," which is like blockwurst.)

Taka: Butabaraburokku.....

::and then they talk about the butabaraburokku::

Gackt: Yeah, so I look but usually they're not arranged at all! (or something like that....anyway he starts to laugh *ADORABLY, btw* hehe)

Nakai: It's funny, isn't it? ^^

Gackt: LOL oh no, I'm laughing about the name "butabara." *everyone laughs*

Nakai: So what do you make with it?

Gackt: I make curry.

Taka: Ahhh, butabara curry...'s good stuff...

Gackt: So I line up the butabara and I take it out...*taka goes oh?* I take it out first of course. *taka: uh huh* Because it has to be there. *everyone starts to laugh *Really, I know that. *everyone laughs more* Really....I know. *everyone laughs harder* (LOL...this is gackt's deadpan humor....*___*) So I line up the butabara and go, "Which is the best one?" and do this *makes motion of poking it* and think "This one?" know.

Nakai: Do you eat this alone?

Gackt: Well, sometimes I call up a friend and say "I'm making curry. Wait just a little bit, ok? *pause* Well, it'll take 4 days but...".

Taka: So after that?

Gackt: I immerse it in wine...yup, for 4 days.

Taka: Ohhhhhh.

Nakai: You said friends...which friends do you call?

Gackt: Well, there aren't many suitable friends, really.

Taka: OK, let me try and get this straight.....the friend you call up and ask to wait for 4 days is--

Gackt: A member, or ::someone who i dunno:: I don't have many know I don't have a lot of free time, right? So, I can't really meet everyone... (AHHHHH! ;_; GACKT I'M HERE FOR YOOOOU!!!)

Nakai: You want to laugh, don't you! *everyone laughs*

Gackt: No, not really! Why? (and he's smiling, a REAL beautiful smile!! *mina melts*)

Nakai: Aren't there times where you can laugh spontaneously (or something like that)? How bout when drinking sake?

Gackt: When I drink sake, yes...I laugh at everything; everything seems funny...

Nakai: And after?

Gackt: I start to cry.

Nakai: Why do you start to cry??

Gackt: Well, it's sad, isn't it?

Nakai: What is????

Gackt: Well....*long pause* one's helped me get married yet. *deadpan humor* *everyone bursts out laughing, nakai mutters stuff and the words on the screen say "this guy is QUITE interesting!"

Taka: Ne, this Gackt can really create amazing music, can't he? (DAMN YEAH!) He's been playing piano ever since he was 3 years old, every day for 1 to 3 hours!

Nakai: Please, the piano...*gackt goes over to the piano* So what're you gonna play?

Gackt: Something classical. *Gackt plays a BEAUTIFUL piano piece, while they play a prank on him as a staff person makes the piano rotates around while Gackt keeps playing like nothing is happening...hee-hee!* This kind of feeling.

Nakai: No mistake about it!! You were moving just now, weren't you!!

Gackt: *deadpan* Is that so? *everyone laughs*

Nakai: You made a full circle!

Gackt: Oh, is that so? ^^

Nakai: Please, try it again. *gackt plays and the floor spins; nakai's almost collapsing from laughter*

Gackt: Ano....are you teasing me? *nakai almost falls over laughing* Actually, I noticed this time that I was moving.

*they go back to the tables, and nakai and taka introduce this little game where they'll say a word or phrase and gackt has to write down another word he associates with it. *

Gackt: Umm...this table's not going to start rotating, is it? ^^;; *everyone laughs*

Nakai: No, this won't rotate. ^^

Gackt: Oh, ok. I was a little worried there. ^^;;

*nakai introduces the first phrase: "hamatteiru koto," or something you're interested in, something you fell for, something you're deceived by, something you has a lot of meanings ^^;;;*

*gackt writes "kansatsu", or observation.*

Nakai: What do you observe?

Gackt: People.

Nakai: What kind of observations do you do?

Gackt: Well, one time, I saw at a park this *really* handsome guy.....and this not-so-pretty girl together.

Nakai: The balance was off, ne?

Gackt:, on that day, I decided I wanted to listen to their conversation. So I sat on a bench nearby. Smoking my cigarette, I listened to them talk...*dramatic music cues up* Well, I couldn't get too close, you know? But I wondered, why is this really cool guy with this really plain girl? The balance was so different between them. At that time, the couple got up to go somewhere. So I thought, "Let's go follow them."

Taka: So in other words, you were a stalker! *everyone laughs*

Gackt: They went into this theater. I followed and sat behind them, still smoking my cigarette, listening to their conversation....the girl seemed mad at something, and I wondered what it could be. So, as I was leaning in to listen, well........then, it's, well.........I fell over. ^^;; *everyone bursts out laughing*


*taka introduces the next phrase, which is "motomeru koto," or things you want. gackt writes "utsukushii meromero," which literally means " being dead drunk with a beautiful smiling face" ^^;;;*

Nakai: Uh, Gackt-san...are you a hard gay?

Gackt: No, I'm not hard. *everyone laughs* I like girls too, you know. (whoooo ^^;;)

Taka: When you say you like girls, what kind of girls do you mean?

Gackt: You mean Japanese girls?

Taka: Of course, Japanese.

*gackt starts writing a name*

Gackt: I don't really know her name but...

*nakai reads the kanji: kisa*

Gackt: Umm, the Fuji TV girl. ^^; (apparently she's a big star, or really weird, or something, because everyone starts laughing and nakai is like "AHAHAHAHA this guy is TOOOO FUNNY!!!" ^^)

Taka: Kisayako! (that's her name)

Gackt: Ah, she's nice, isn't she.....*JEALOUS*

Taka: What do you like about her?

Gackt: Her smiling face. ^^

Nakai: Well, it's time for the performance...

Taka: What kind of song are you performing today, Gackt-san?

Gackt: Kore love song desu ne...(this is a love song, ne)

Taka: You wrote it yourself?

Gackt: Yes. I based it off of my experiences. *SIGHHHHHHHH*

Taka: Like you going to buy butabara? *LOL, remember that from before?*

Gackt: *deadpan* Well, actually, in the lyrics the word "butabara" never comes up. ^^

*taka says something about eating something, something is an idiot, and gackt agrees. LOL*

Nakai: Like "my marushou," huh? (referring to what taka says...i don't really understand it ^^; but marushou, if you remember, is the type of supermarket gackt goes to*

Gackt: Well, if I said the actual name, I'd probably get sued, so...*everyone laughs*

Nakai: Ahhh.

*and then gackt introduces the song in that SEXY SEXY way of his. ^^;;*

Taka: *laughing* Aaaaa....sugoi hito da! (Ahhhh...what a great/interesting/weird/funny person!)


*they ask gackt to write a final message, and his words are "boku ga dete yokatta ka na." aka, "I wonder if it was a good idea I came on the show." LOL and then everyone laughs and claps*

Nakai: Please, come onto the show again! Will you?

Gackt: Well, maybe if you call me. ^^

*nakai starts to introduce next week's guests, when the lights go on. the words on the screen are: so sorry!! it was a stage members' fault*

Nakai: Ahhhh, stop it! That's dangerous! It scared us all...."PYUUUUHUUUUU" tte! (pyuuuuhyuuuuu just being an onomatopoeic expression to indicate being scared or surprised, i guess...LOL so funny)

*nakai finishes up next week's list, says please watch us next week, etc. etc., and tells Gackt to wave bye.*

~~Many thanx to my friend Mina for her great translation! The Screencaps were all made by me, please do not take without permission.~~

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