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All images by Unlimited Records.







5. Kuchibiru

6. Hitohira no jiyuu (new single)

7. summer FM




11. Tomadoi




15. COME ON!


15 minute break followed by appearance of Telvis.

17. Telvis no teema


19. Telvis Ballad medley(includes HOWEVER, Don't Look Back In Anger by Oasis etc..)

10 minute break followed by encore.

20. More than Love

21. Ikiteku Tsuyosa

22. SHUTTER SPEEDS no teema

23. Yuuwaku

24. I'm in Love

Banner and picture thanks to LEVIL DEVIL.

Here's a banner the girls from the LEVIL DEVIL fan club made with messages from Glay fans around the world to wish them luck for the EXPO. They presented the banner personally to Teru the first day of the EXPO (7-28-01) and he put it on stage. My little message to them is written inside the red square, so it's cool knowing my name was on stage with Glay at the Tokyo stadium! This is what Teru said about the banner at the EXPO... "I'm so touched with the big support from international fans who are unable to join the live. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" Sweet, ne?

Glay Messages (Translations thanks to Minayi!)

TERU:"Tanoshikatta na~!" 7/31

For everyone who participated at Tokyo Stadium, honto ni arigatou. And to everyone who sent us messages through internet or mail, from all throughout the country [and out of it!!!], arigatou. You made those two days truly go by with joy. On the opening day, I was really stressed out...but in this live where I encountered so much of your energy was a truly great feeling. Telvis was also a little worried, but I brought him along to the EXPO despite the tension. I saw the official video but [something something...."kaijou oomori agari datta."] It was a good start.

And the 2nd day was a SUGOI live. It felt like this was a compilation of GLAY. [argh, i wish i could express this better...what he's saying is that all of the events, the memories, the work that had gone in before all sort of built up and crescendoed and grew and grew until, finally, on that 2nd day, everything sort of FIT together and became something that represented GLAY in its entirety. or maybe i'm just reading too much into the sentence ^^;;] No matter what it took -- the things from the soul, the atmosphere of the concert, all of the tension - it was the best live, with no shortcomings. I've said I've experienced "the best live" so many times up till now, but they're all still lives in which there was the expectation that a new and unknown "best live" is still waiting for us. I'm looking forward to it. After this, there's still the Hokkaidou and Kyuushuu EXPOs, but I've become a boy that dreams.

And today is also the start of the EXPO Exhibition Place in Ishikari, and also the anniversary of when we were given such strong emotions [referring to the makuhari expo, perhaps?], so we're going to open an exhibition on a special stage next to the Ishikari EXPO Exhibition Place, while it flourishes greatly. I'll let you know more about this later, again. Everyone who's coming to search for those memories of Makuhari today - have those memories come back to life? From now on, we're going to let loose those memories of Makuhari into the Ishikari sky. Bye!

JIRO: I've put up exerpts [sp] of some messages to GLAY fans. - August 5th

It really was the best live. I had already been in the opening balloon and so was excited [he's talking about the hot-air balloon glay descended in to the concert], but the moment the balloon began to fall I went "Dowaaaa~!" and when, for some reason, I started to cry, I thought "I must look pretty stupid!" and endured certain death. And I think that all those smiling faces I saw on that final stage will remain in me my entire life. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu, minasan, for sending us that amazing power. Next, let's meet all those people who we can meet at Kyuushuu. To those people who finished the EXPO today with us, please look forward to our new album! This truly was our best work, but GLAY of the 21st century isn't over yet. Arigatou. Jiro deshita. Peace.

HISASHI: Draw. August 4th

I've come back now. The fight with the weather was a draw. I wonder if I can win 10x0 tomorrow? Maa~ no matter how you look at the live, I promise about the EXPO climax. Inside the building's atmosphere, I start remembering the world fair I saw when I was a kid. There's the potential for a young creator to transmit the sounds of echoes and the heat of summer. Now and now on, I want to keep the feelings from that time precious. I want to see those people who let me achieve those dreams I had when I was little! Let's hold onto those infinite possibilities.

2001/8/4/2/02 A certain Michibuchi Hotel (BGM "TRUE ROMANCE" sound tracks?tool=LOOX drug=KOOL liquor=wheat T-SHIRT=BALZAC HISASHI

TAKURO:PR Corner - Natural Energy Booths is interesting! - August 2nd

We're creating music, and in that journey, [the word] "to know" is a precious thing. I'm only trying to create a new band image and my own way of going, and how to express these in words, but rarely do I encounter those "wonderful things" that easily overcome my own self-ego.

For now, for those people participating in the Hokkaidou EXPO, go look at the "Natural Energy Booth" no matter what. If you don't look at this, the meaning of this EXPO will be lessened by half. That's all I have to say. These people who, unfortunately, can't go, are here.

[what this is all about is that this group of people decided to make an organization dedicated to "artists of power" - those artists who have that special energy, that special talent, that special love - i.e., takuro. oh yeah, and sakamoto ryuichi is mentioned too. These people sent an email to takuro asking him about what it's like to be such an artist, and then talking about 'natural energy' and apparently takuro was greatly affected by this. ^^]