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1. Groovy Tour
2. Lovers Change Fighters, Cool
3. Beloved
4. Shutter Speeds no Teema
5. Fairy Story
6. Kanariya
7. Hit The World Chart!
8. a Boy ~Zutto Wasurenai~
9. Haru o Aisuru Hito
10. Curtain Call
11. Miyako Wasure
12. Rhapsody

Flame's Personal review on BELOVED.

Beloved, released Nov. 18, 1999, is my favorite Glay album! This album is so hard to find because it's so popular. I'm still looking for an original copy... ):

1.Groovy Tour- Wonderful opening track! This song must sound fantastic live. It's overwhelming! I LOVE this song!!! The instruments are sugoii, Teru's voice.... Wow!!!

2.Lovers Change Fighters, Cool- I didn't like this song that much at the beginning, but it grew on me after listening to a live version on a video concert.

3.Beloved- One of Glay's most beautiful ballads! A classic! LOVE it!!! Beautiful music...both the acoustic and electric guitar sound beautiful on this song and Teru's voice is breathtaking. I adore Teru's voice on this song! Wow!

4. Shutter Speeds no Teema- Not a favorite...

5.Fairy Story- Nice song! I like how Teru says...'Take me higher...' ^_^

6.Canariya- My favorite song on the album (that's not a single)! ADORE this song! I recommend listening to this song with earphones on to enjoy the full effect of the cool special background sound effects. It's a beautiful song without earphones, and a dreamy song with them on! I love it!

7.Hit the World Charts!- One of Glay's heaviest 'heavy rock' (how I call them ^_^) songs. I tend to not like loud songs like this, but with Glay there's always a melody and this is a very cool song. The guys seem to always enjoy performing these types of songs live.

8.A Boy ~Zutto Wasurenai- "oooohhh, lonely blues..." Such a sweet song! Jiro does the backup singing for this song, ne? Awww, he sounds so sweet!

9.Haru o Aisuru Hito- Lovely song! I especially love how Teru tells me... "I want you! I want you!..." -hee-hee! I always forget how beautiful this song is!

10.Curtain Call- Love the piano on this song, especially the solo at the beginning! Very pretty ballad!

11.Miyako Wasure- Nice song! It's so hard to not like a song on this album. (or any Glay album ^_~)

12.Rhapsody- I like this song... "50/50..." -hee-hee!, no, I really like the whole song! It always reminds me of the PV though.